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NCDs are becoming increasingly common worldwide because of increasing longevity and high prevalence of contributing factors such as tobacco use, obesity, physical inactivity and unhealthy diets. Although NCDs has been considered as a problem of the affluent, counter to the myth is, some 80% of this burden is borne by low to middle income countries like Bangladesh. Even more worrying is the dangerous lack of awareness of this threat of NCDs to global health.

Around 99 percent of the survey population in Bangladesh has at least one risk factor for developing NCDs, reveals the recently-concluded non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factor survey 2010. This survey is the first-ever nationally representative survey that provides essential information on key indicators of NCD risk factors and creates an opportunity for policy makers, programme managers, and researchers to adopt innovative interventions.

The fact sheet pointed that hardly anyone in the population is without a risk factor.  Around 98.7 percent of the survey population has at least one risk factor of NCD, around 77% had two or more risk factors and around 28.3% had 3 or more risk factors. More women were found to have three or more risk factors than men. The report shows no clear differential in risk trend with varying levels of wealth.

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