Non Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F) 

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With its combination of vibrant young team and veteran and experienced expertise around the country NCD-F intends to assist communities and services agencies to use research evidence on NCDs in their decision making. Accentuating on social, formative and clinical research on NCDs, NCD-F seeks to translate evidence into policy and practice. The long-term aim of NCD-F research is to promote research in public health and to strive for better utilization of the results of such research.

To better understand the current state of health and development, NCD-F provides comparable, meticulous and current assessment studies. It has the expertise to measure trends in diseases, epidemiological transformation and risk factors by analyzing national and international data.

Behavior Change Communication

BCC is a vital part of NCD-F as majority of our work reflects upon promotion of changing behavioral patterns among the subjects for the benefit of our society as a whole. As the forums mission is to ensure health justice and developmental sovereignty, BCC proves to be most beneficial for all that fall under the umbrella work of NCD-F.


By mobilizing the forums networks and participating in key national and international advocacy events the form reaches the decision-makers directly. Securing a policy environment favorable to overall development, especially of poor people, is a key aspect of NCD-F’s mission. Thus, advocacy is the main focus of this platform in response to the imperative health and development needs of the general people of the country. As one of the leading advocates in the field of NCD related public health and social development, NCD-F is engaged in regular dialogues with government and other national institutions

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