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Eminence ( a Bangladesh based not for profit evidence based non government organization, initiated a forum on 16th November, 2009 titled “Non Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F)” with the objective to create a platform for the professional bodies of Bangladesh who works for the prevention, control and management of non communicable diseases (NCDs) in Bangladesh. This platform also acts like as a policy advocate and pressure group for the revitalization, formulation and activation of NCD policies through advocacy in the country.

Established on November 2009, today, NCD-F is a vibrant, rapidly growing platform of discussion who strives to bring about a progressive Bangladesh where people live in health equity. NCD-F envisions reinforcing an extensively and intensively participatory society that will be sustainable in terms of healthcare and health education locally as well as globally. It is registered under the Joint Stock Company of Bangladesh. The platform is being secretarially supported by Eminence (


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